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ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR review

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR 10.1" Detachable 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop, 32GB + 500GB

The ASUS Transformer Book with a 10" detachable tablet combines the best of two worlds: the productivity of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet. But it isn't just a tablet computer with a key-board dock. It’s a fully functioning Windows 8.1 laptop you can easily pick up and go. At just 2.4 lbs, it’s one of the lightest notebooks in the world.  


How much is it?

The rate of the ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR is about $370. Click here for the best price

Who Would certainly Buy This?

The ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR an excellent option just for people who are getting into the market. And of course it is the ideal option for those who desire a highly mobile computer with Windows functions. So it´s an excellent option for school and traveling. 


Points we like


It's quite fast, that fancy new bay trail processor definitely impresses for general tasks. Very convincing is the 8-12 hour battery life. It weights almost nothing and is incredibly portable. It comes with full Windows 8, a touch screen, 32GB SSD storage on tablet plus an additional 500GB HDD storage space on key-board dock. The Keyboard really feels good and the viewing angle is good. The ability to detach and use as a tablet with the click of a button is really cool.



Points we don´t  like

The size with 10" may deter some – especially if you come from a bigger laptop. And not everybody may like the glossy screen. The Game choice is very slim and many games won´t work well. Only one USB port might be some few, even if you use a wireless mouse and need other USB ports. So maybe you need additional USB-Hub. The speaker down at the bottom corner is easy to cover with hands, when holding the tablett. Internet connection is only possible via WiFi.



The ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR has a 1-year accidental damage protection warranty and a 30-day Zero Bright Dot Guarantee.  

Where Can I Get?

Customers may compare price of ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR from other stores in order to get the cheapest price e.g. eBay etc. However from Amazon Featured Merchants, you can see list of prices offered by merchants, and there you will see the cheapest ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR. There are also used products and new products prices. Best Choice Online Store suggests checking whether it is used product price or new product price as well.

Compare Bestprice

Is It Worth The Cash?

Asus has actually once more shown that it understands exactly just what it's doing, so get your hands on the Asus T100 today, and encounter firsthand just what the most effective and flexible exchangeable unit could do for you!

Final Thoughts

The Asus T100 could be acquired straight from the Asus shop and various other authorized dealerships. Or you could simply acquire it online from trusted sellers. Amazon.com is a great choice, because they supply the very best bargains for electronics items, and you can even get free of cost delivery for it!

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR SPECS

ASUS Transformer Book T100 – Light and Portable As Ever, With Storage Space to Spare

With a 10" detachable tablet, the ASUS Transformer Book T100 is the ultimate 2-in-1 mobile notebook. It's light as ever, but packs an additional 500 GB of HDD storage in the keyboard dock. Access all your material and files in one place and enjoy all-day computing– a remarkable 11 hours of battery power– without needing to plug in a power cord. With the most current Windows 8.1 operating system and Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 preinstalled, that's a complete day of work or play on the run.

Features At-A-Glance:

– 2-in-1 ultraportable notebook with a 10" removable tablet– Latest Windows 8.1 operating system preinstalled with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013– All-day computing with approximately 11 hours of battery life on a single charge– 32GB SSD storage on tablet plus an extra 500GB HDD storage area on keyboard dock for all your information and files– Comfortable keyboard dock with multi-touch touchpad and USB 3.0 for performance on-the-go– Share and link anywhere you go with unlimited ASUS Webstorage area for 1 year free.

A Laptop and Tablet Combined – The Best of Two Worlds

The T100 integrates the productivity of a laptop with the portability of a tablet. Remove the 10.1-inch HD display from the keyboard and it becomes a 1.2 lb tablet– amongst the lightest in the market– for extra portability. With its sleek design and flexibility, the T100 provides you both.

Ultimate Power That Lasts Longer

Thanks to the unique ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II power management system, the ASUS Transformer Book T100 supplies an amazing 11 hours of battery power. Now you can do even more without needing to grab the power cord. The T100 provides 14 days of standby with a near-instant wake up time. Merely open the computer system and it'll be ready for use in simply 2 seconds. You'll never have to await sluggish reboot times again. When the battery level falls below 5 %, and don't stress about losing data throughout long stints in standby mode– the T100 instantly backs up all content.

Speed and Performance That Keeps Up With You

Powered by the new Intel Atom Bay Trail-T Z3740 quad-core processor, the T100 is faster than ever. Now you'll be able to make use of multiple programs at the same time without a hint of lag– and you will not be brief on programs. Perfect for the student or working expert, the T100 comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 with complete versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote– a $139 value that makes the T100 much more economical. Plus, the Windows Store can be used with Xbox Live games and music. With the T100, you'll be able to multitask– switching backward and forward between productivity and entertainment– in the smoothest, most efficient experience possible.

More Storage Space, Greater Versatility

The T100 isn't really simply a tablet with a keyboard dock– it's a fully working laptop computer. Already featuring a lovely touchscreen, it was just right that ASUS partnered it with a worthy keyboard, one that includes precision-engineered secrets with 19 mm travel for comfy typing. To make that even easier, the T100 comes with USB 3.0, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

A New Viewing and Listening Experience

The T100 includes a brilliant 10.1-inch HD display that brings your videos, games and pictures to life. The 178-degree viewing angles offer higher all-around clearness and a fuller picture, which you can make improvements to your particular requirements. Reading Mode identifies your environment and auto-adjusts the display's brightness, contrast and color for comfortable reading even after extended use. However the T100 provides quality audio to match its impressive picture. ASUS's team of sound engineers has crafted SonicMaster for an unparalleled listening experience. Larger sound chambers decrease distortion and offer a crisper, true-to-life noise even in loud settings– all while keeping the innovation as thin as possible.

ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-C1-GR 10.1-Inch Detachable 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop


Unlimited Cloud Storage, Instant Access

The T100 comes with free unlimited ASUS WebStorage for one year so you never ever lost information again. With the MyBitCast app, your material will be auto-updated and synced so you can share with buddies via a tablet, smartphone or computer .

With a 10" removable tablet, the ASUS Transformer Book T100 is the supreme 2-in-1 mobile notebook. Thanks to the special ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II power management system, the ASUS Transformer Book T100 provides an outstanding 11 hours of battery power. Perfect for the student or working professional, the T100 comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 with full variations of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote– a $139 value that makes the T100 even more cost effective. The T100 isn't simply a tablet with a keyboard dock– it's a fully functioning laptop computer. The T100 comes with free unrestricted ASUS WebStorage for one year so you never ever lost data again.




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